Paul Davies is paulthecyclist and author of this blog.

Paul has been a software developer for over 16 years working across many industries. After graduating with an BSC honours degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science he worked for a couple of small startups before spending several years as a senior developer for Intelligent Finance. In 2007 he formed his own software consulting company based in London that’s now in its sixth year of trading. In recent years he has specialised in creating web based software using Microsoft’s .Net platform.

This blog is primarily here to explain some technical concepts that Paul comes across in his day to day work as a software developer. Its hoped that other people out there may find  it useful too.

Why PaulTheCyclist?

Paul has been a passionate cyclist since a very young age. These days he’s mostly an urban cyclist in London, often to be seen with his young daughter hitching a ride for free on the back. In the day he has cycled long and far, inc. the length of Britain.